Here is the real deal folks. I’m putting up some of the video footage shot by Israeli troops as the operation to stop the ships from continuing and to bring them to harbour so the aid they were carrying could be checked (to insure no weapons and so forth were in it) and then sent on to Gaza began.

Here you see the Israeli soldier being thrown off the deck (he is in critical condition currently) and the use of stun grenades and firebombs being thrown at Israeli soldiers by the so-called “peace” activists:

Here is close-up footage of the Mavi Mamara passengers beating the living shit out of the Israeli soldiers with metal poles, chains, chairs, and bats and so forth:

Here is video of the Israeli soldiers messaging (very politely) the ships prior to being required to board. Listen to what they tell them –and see above for the response:

Here you see badly injured Israeli soldiers who were attacked as they are airlifted off and some of the weapons on the ship that were used against the soldiers:

Have a blog? Blog it. Spread it. The mainstream media internationally is not showing this footage.
(I’ve changed the image, sorry to anyone (Ema) who may have been offended — the previous image I used was called “Truth” and is a famous painting from the mid-1800s currently on display at the Musee D’Orsay (but that also happened to be a naked woman holding a light aloft). Let’s go with a more clothed and benign Lady Justice: