Thanks to Blazing Cat Fur for the tip on this video taken on an Island in Japan called Cat Island because, well, it is literally covered in cats. It is like “that crazy cat lady” but an entire Island of “crazy cat people.” There are even buildings built and decorated as cats. In the video, you see fishermen out on their boat with a passel of kitty friends in tow and, wow those kitties are eating well.

In the past, the islanders raised silkworms for silk, and cats were kept in order to keep the mouse population down (because mice are a natural predator of silkworms). Fixed-net fishing was popular on the island after the Edo Period and fishermen from other areas would come and stay on the island overnight. The cats would go to the inns where the fishermen were staying and beg for scraps. Over time, the fishermen developed a fondness for the cats and would observe the cats closely, interpreting their actions as predictions of the weather and fish patterns. One day, when the fishermen were collecting rocks to use with the fixed-nets, a stray rock fell and killed one of the cats. The fishermen, feeling sorry for the loss of the cat, buried it and enshrined it on the island.

Cat Island is now a tourist destination hotspot. The cats outnumber people by more than 20 to 1, but all are cared for be it by the fishermen, the hotels, and now the tourists!