So I went over to check out the Everybody Draw Mohammed Day page and was surprised to see that there were quite a lot of muslims taking part, arguing that just because something may offend some people, be vulgar, in poor taste, and so forth, this is a free speech issue and people have the right to act in poor taste, they have the right to say, write and draw offensive things. I agree with this position. Because others have the right to use their free speech to condemn such acts, to call them vile or offensive etc.

Offensiveness, is, however, all in the eye of the beholder. Some people find depictions of scantily clad (or totally unclad) people offensive –should all such images be banned? Some people, for instance here in our ultra-ultra (really really ultra) orthodox communities find the depiction of women AT ALL offensive and so they ban all pictures of any sort with a female in them from their newspapers and magazines and have tried to get billboards and so forth that depict women in them banned from gracing our highways, buses and so forth. Once you start saying, “no you can’t say, or write, or draw, or show images of X,” then where does it stop? And who decides?

Personally I think we should respect everyone in the World and this includes not taking part in something which offends certain religious groups.