My washing machine stinks. When it washes clothes, they too then stink. They, and it, smell exactly like mildew. And that seems to be the stuff that is unclean-off-able on the wide rubber rim around the door. This might be because water always seems to sit and just stay in the little crevice between rubber pieces parts at and around the doorway inside the washer.

I’ve not had many washing machines in my life. To put not too fine a point on it, I haven’t had any since I lived back in the womb of ye olde childhood home and this has been many, many long years. Since then I have been a “lug it to the laundromat” kid. Nonetheless, I distinctly remember that the old maternally-owned washer did not, ever, have mildew on it or in it anywhere. What went in came out smelling detergent fresh. It did not come out smelling like a smelly boy shoe (we all know that girls’ shoes would never dream of smelling!).

But I have claiming to be clean smelly boy feet laundry. I have scrubbed at the rubber. I have run the washer with lots of soap powder and nothing in it but water and soap powder. Anytime you open the door whewwwwww BOY FEET. In fact, because in desperation today I thought maybe I should just leave the door open between loads to let the water that gets trapped in the rubber thingy maybe dry out, my entire house smells of boy feet. I think it is the climate here that is doing this. Or maybe my washer is defective.

Does anyone have a clue what to do? I am at my wits end.