Ok, just got this information from Ramzi, who is a well-connected young man from the West Bank:

Abbas just disbanded the government, announced the State of Emergency ( HUGE SIGNIFICANCE) and called for early elections as soon possible….

as for the confederation, I have to tell you that now, from official sources, i have confirmations! It’s ready. They are building roads connecting the West Bank to Jordan PLUS. i received news from a source in a West Bank municipality about what is happening and they apparently received orders to clean the grounds for the arrival of the Badr Brigades ( under Jordanian rule). You can’t possibly imagine what is happening over here! I am seeing it and not believing it.

As for Gaza – it will be Egypts business from now on … Pre 1967 coming back ? I don’t know – but it looks much like it! Nobody can wait anymore and everything can happen in hours! IN HOURS – i repeat, i’m not analysing anymore, i’m just watching.