Egypt violates peace treaty with Israel, terminates gas supply to Israel

Big in the news today: We’re expecting to face power outages this summer as Egypt, which supplies 40% of our gas, has terminated its agreement with us. The gas deal is part of the 1979 peace treaty.

Egypt’s energy companies inform EMG they have terminated agreement to supply gas to Israel. Source: Deal’s termination will set Egypt 30 years back, ‘both economically and politically’

Egypt’s energy companies have terminated a long-term deal to supply Israel with gas after the cross-border pipeline sustained months of sabotage since a revolt last year, a stakeholder in the deal said on Sunday.

Ampal-American Israel Corporation, a partner More >

2nd Al Qaeda preacher allowed to stay in U.K.

The U.K. is doomed, I tell ya. An Iraqi Muslim cleric suspected of being involved with Al Qaeda and radicalising young Britons has used the Human Rights Act to continue to live in the UK – despite Government efforts to deport him.

Taha Muhammad is regarded as one of Britain’s most dangerous security threats. He was even banned from studying AS-level chemistry because of fears he would use the knowledge to commit terrorist acts.

The decision to let him stay is another setback for Home Secretary Theresa May, already under pressure after attempts to deport Abu Qatada to Jordan descended into chaos.

The More >

Right on Ashkenazi: Universal army service needs to be enacted

One of our best ever, former IDF Chiefs of Staff Lt. Gen. (res.) Gabi Ashkenazi on Saturday signed a petition calling for a legislation that would require all Israeli citizens to serve in the army or to do National Service without exception. It needs to happen. It is long past time that it should have been enacted. I’ve written often on this topic over the past 5 years. Not doing army or national service is one of the great dividers in this country. If your religious sensibilities prohibit you from picking up a gun, they sure don’t prohibit you from working More >

Potential perjury for the prosecution in the Zimmerman case? New photo says maybe…

With the emergence of the new photo, taken just 3 minutes after the Trayvon Martin shooting, and showing the back of Zimmerman’s head streaming blood from multiple injuries, a new question arises. Did the prosecution have access to this picture and the witness testimony of the man who took it at the scene that goes with it before they filed second-degree murder charges? If so, they have committed perjury.

In the affidavit filed by the prosecution there is no mention of the photo and the evidence it provides showing injury and supporting Zimmerman’s account of what occurred. Affidavits must contain “not More >

Advice sought for a newbie on storing files in the cloud

I’m all for saving some trees and going as paperless as possible. I like the idea of being able to store my documents, ebooks, music, movies etc somewhere that I could get at them no matter where I am, so long as I’ve got an internet connection. I like the idea of having critical files backed up somewhere in the event of utter electronic gadget catastrophe in my home (like when I got robbed and the bastiges took everything remotely electronic). I’m a bit timid, however, with this whole cloud storage idea.

Do you guys who are cloud aficionados have some tips More >

Downsizing is difficult

I’m really trying to reduce the amount of “stuff” I’ve got because one thing is very clear and that is that I have too much stuff. I’ve been going through and being pretty ruthless with my books. Even being ruthless, however, I still can’t seem to get my book collection down below 10 big boxes. I’ve got two boxes of children’s books (in English, German, and Hebrew) that I’ve been collecting for the future child for more than 15 years. Yeah, I want my kid to be trilingual. Those obviously are keepers at least until the last vestige of hope More >

A weenie (dog) of a problem for Obama (hot dogs for all)

See below for the White House doggie-bag menu selection. This is a case of dog on the roof vs. dog on the roof of the mouth.

For several weeks now, the Obama campaign has seized on the 30-year-old story of Romney and his dog Seamus and used it to try to skewer and barbeque Romney’s reputation and character. Here’s the story: On a family vacation, Romney fashioned a special kennel for the dog, complete with a windshield, and attempted to transport the dog in the windscreen-adapted kennel tied down on the roof rack. Upon reaching speed, the dog (understandably) peed from More >

Yom HaShoah

This was my first experience of traveling when the siren sounded. The bus I was on was a couple of blocks short of where I get off and, as did all other vehicles on the road, pulled to a stop. Passengers and the driver all rose to their feet as one and stood, silent and motionless, remembering those murdered in the ghettos, at Babi Yar, in countless forests and fields, in the camps, and along long miles of roadways during the death marches, and paying tribute to the heroes who stood up in resistance and defiance against those intent on More >

Kirsten Powers is a Democrat who makes sense

While I don’t always agree with the positions Powers takes, she is often a sane voice among the current Democrat commentators. Here she discusses the issue of requiring showing an ID in order to vote, an issue I really have trouble understanding what the bother is, given that I live in a country where you have to show your ID all the time, just about everywhere:

“This is one of those arguments that I feel Democrats are sort of trapped in the past … At one point, I think this was true in extremely rural places or, you know, with people More >

Home with Puddin’

Whew, dog tired and very worried I am not going to hear the alarm tomorrow at 5. After work tonight I had to travel to Tel Aviv to pick up Puddin’ from the vet and we’ve just gotten home. She was so well-behaved while being carried for several blocks and then going through two bus changes. Not a peep out of her. She is clearly glad to be home now, however. I’m debating whether to fix something for dinner or not. I had a potato burekas as a really late lunch/early dinner but I’ve got the nibbles. Actually, I’ve got More >