No, not on this blog –the blog was on a completely unwilling strike already.

I mean a strike of university professors –it is looking very much like we will not be starting the school year at the public universities (pretty much at all universities outside of the IDC, which is wholly private and takes no government funding). We want a raise in salary of 20%. This is not an unreasonable demand. University professors in this country have more than double the teaching load in a year of university professors in Europe and the U.S. We earn a quarter of the salary of our non-Israeli counterparts. I think I mentioned previously that, at NYU, the graduate students there receive a higher salary for their teaching or research assistantships (meaning teaching one class in a year or helping a professor to teach 2 classes in a year, or simply to focus on conducting research) than I do here as a Senior Lecturer. They receive a significantly higher salary. Further, professors in normal countries receive funding from their universities for conducting research. They are given the equipment and lab space necessary for conducting the research they specialize in –that is, after all, why the university hired them. Such is not the case here. Since my arrival here two years ago, I have not been able to carry out a single research study in my area –the reason? No lab space, no equipment. And being paid slave wages. Peachy, yes?

Not only do we professors suffer personally and professionally under such constraints but so do the students whom we teach and the entire country in which we live. Quite simply, higher education in this country is being left behind in the dirt by other countries and this means that the future prosperity and viability of our country will suffer terribly.

So forward the strike I say!