The pro-bono legal help folks were closed today because of the holidays and won’t reopen until next week. In the meantime I thought I’d give a call to the lawyer of my previous landlady, who handles quite a bit of real estate stuff, and ask him what he advised me to do. He asked for the whole story over the phone and said, come on Sunday and I will write up a document declaring that on changing the mispelled name on the check I have no further legal claims against them and they have none against me, that all monies owed to all parties in the matter are now fully remitted –and that when I go see them I am not to change the check until they sign it. He said these people are evil scum of the earth and that, without this document, they may continue to make additional monetary claims against me for some long time and that I may or may not win if it goes to court –there have been cases where people have been swindled out of thousands of dollars with the court giving backing to the swindlers because it is a he-said/she-said situation and in such situations the courts often favour the business. On the other hand, I have my landlords backing me up and I look very sweet and sympathetic and am clearly naive and that might well sway the court to be protective of me. There’s just no telling. So getting them to sign on the dotted line is important.

I said great, how much will you charge me for this? “Oh, nothing. I’m so angry at what they have done and are trying to do, I’m giving you this service for free. Come Sunday at 3.” THANK YOU.