Yemin Orde Children’s Village–all children arriving in Israel are our business.

Jewish children, muslim children, christian children, children born in Israel and those who seek sanctuary in this country from persecution (regardless of faith), children who are orphaned, children who were abused in their homes–all are welcomed into the Yemin Orde Children’s Village. Founded 54 years ago, Yemin Orde provides a home to abandoned, abused, and at-risk children, as well as an education, technical training, and a future. Currently there are more than 500 children being taken care of in this dedicated environment and they come from more than 20 different countries.

Thousands of children have grown up in this special village, a place that becomes home and family, long after they have married and formed families of their own. So successful has it been with its child-rearing, care, and instilling of values –”Our only expectation from them is that they give back to society” –that the children’s home has become a model for other such homes around the world. And give back these kids do. Ethiopian graduates are currently helping to start a children’s home in war-torn Rwanda and to serve as role models for the children being helped there, based on Yemin Orde, hundreds of graduates fought in the war last summer and two of the Ethiopian graduates were among those who gave their lives for our country. You can read more about this children’s village that is truly for children in an article on Yemin Orde here at the BBC, if you are interested in helping (financially or otherwise) or finding out more check out the Friends of Yemin Orde homepage, and this article in Aish titled Breathing New Life highlights some of the children and the programs there.