I just got back from the police department. I got a police woman who didn’t want to handle the situation at all and as soon as I said it involved a real estate agency said it wasn’t in the police jurisdiction and that I should go file a suit with the courts. Another guy was more sympathetic and told her she should at least call the real estate people and tell them to stop harrassing me. So she calls, she talks to Shmuli or whatever his name is and then says, “yes, she should come and change that check.” Because he claimed on the phone to her that all they want is for me to come and change the name on the check I gave them, the check for 2,050 shekels.

But on the phone they have been telling me I have to issue them another check as well because of the other check I wrote out to them. Their agent told me to make that check out to “the owner” Bettler Jakob (who Yael Forti now claims she has no knowledge of and that the check has nothing to do with them) and so they want the “other” 2050 shekels they say they haven’t been paid.

The policewoman said that if they showed me the apartment, even if it is against the law for them to do it and they weren’t hired by the owners (we don’t prosecute for that, she tells me) I have to pay them whatever they claim they are owed. So they have (and have cashed the Bettler one) checks and a cash payment totaling $950 and the fact they are telling me I must pay even more…too bad for me. And if, after that, they claim I owe them yet more money…too bad, too bad for me. The police won’t do a thing.

About the harrassment? I should take it up in civil court.

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