Buffy is in ecstacy. She is running around the apartment. Meeping. Playing with toys. Climbing on things. Rolling on the floor. Matan, after running around the apartment on his stomach and crying piteously as he looked in every corner, has hidden behind the sofa. Mitzi is nowhere to be seen, as usual, because it is me she remains scared of —and not the five cats that are suddenly missing from the household.

No, those 5 cats (Mischa, Arie, Gingi, Tinok, and Tzofia) were unceremoniously shoved into carriers at 10 p.m. tonight and then lugged out to the curb to await the evil cab driver who charged us 60 shekels to go the distance of a 15 shekel ride. “This is not a cab ride,” he told me, “This is a delivery. No, I am like Noah. Yes, exactly like Noah. Or perhaps a traveling zoo? 60 shekels and not an argorot less.” Fine. Fine. Just help me get the damn cats into the cab before the neighbors see. Or hear. Tzofia was screaming her little lungs out at high kitten volume. In the cab, all but Tinok gave voice to at least occasional “wreeeoools.” Tzofia kept up an unending crying, perhaps sensing that she was not just to be boarded overnight but also, ahem, fixed. At the two stoplights we had to traverse the cab driver showed me pictures of his puppy on his cellphone. While he did charge me the 60 sheks he did, at least, voluntarily help me carry the carriers up to the door of the vet’s apartment building.

The wonderful vet came down to help me carry them all up to his apartment/personal clinic. I got to meet the new partner and he’s just as cute as the vet (damn, isn’t that always the way it is). I also got to meet his 3 black cats (cute, cute) and the adorable tiny kitten that he rescued several weeks ago and has been bottle-feeding (he is hoping he has found a home for it but if not it will make his cat 4). They insisted I stay for coffee and to chat for awhile and then, after an hour, I headed for home. I walked it.

Tomorrow the landlord and airconditioner repair guy come. I’m hoping the landlord can fix it so that the water will actually run into the washing machine. I hooked everything up but the water, it does not flow. At least not from the washing machine spigot dealie in the bathroom. I don’t know why not, but it doesn’t, and my laundry is almost as tall as I am. I am also hoping that my remaining 3 cats will hide. Hide, I tell you!