The Magen David Adom disaster team that proved so effective in helping the quake victims in Haiti is preparing to head to Christchurch, New Zealand to help with rescue and recovery efforts there following the devastating earthquake.

Israel’s Prime Minister and Foreign Ministry have also offered to send medical supplies, food, rescue equipment, and other disaster relief supplies and are on stand-by waiting for the New Zealand govt’s go-ahead to send them.

Reports are that at least one Israeli tourist is among the dead. Our Kiwi Noa has reported that news reports are saying that the death toll may be in the region of 400 people when all is said and done. Hardly a building is fully standing in the city center. I watched a tape of a rescue of 24 people from the 17th floor of a tall office building, using a crane. The building looked fully intact from the outside …but all of the stairwells inside had completely collapsed leaving them looking straight down 17 floors when they went to try to exit the building.