This will be quick because I have to get myself ready to go hear the panel at the conference that I most want to hear, featuring our own Lisa, along with Michael Totten, and some other cool folks. And I just woke up. I had a million things to do this morning but I simply couldn’t get up. I have a sore throat from hell this morning. It is very red. I feel exhausted. I think I have cat scratch fever. Well, in this instance, cat bite fever. This would be because I am an idiot. This would be because I did not heed the really good advice of so many of you really good people for two days. This would so totally serve me right…but I don’t want to be served right. Waaaah. C’mon little antiobiotics do your thing!!

Excuse me, I’m an idiot could also be the mantra of some of the folks on one of the sets of panels I heard yesterday. They should embrace their idiocy as am I, but sadly, I think they are completely unaware. Suffice it to say that I don’t buy that journalists around the world who are dealing with stories about terror and terrorists and who cover our little area of the desert in particular are all suffering, en masse, from Stockholm Syndrome. Ahem, yeah.

The other panel I heard though, hosted by Allison, rocked. It was really interesting. Oh and you can get the conference schedule and still come on over to the afternoon events if you are just about anywhere in this country at this moment at Allison’s link above. More in a bit.