Now that the heat of summer is over, shouldn’t the cats be retaining at least some of their hair?! My apartment needs a top to bottom cleaning, not least because last night when I was taking a bowl of soup from the microwave I didn’t expect the bowl to be so hot through the towel and dropped it. I did a basic clean of floor and counters afterwards but like totally not enough. So while I go into cleaning frenzy round here, now that I’ve finished putting together a quiz for one of my classes for next week, I’ll pop up some pointers to some interesting reads.

I don’t often disagree with Dershowitz but I think he’s wrong on this one. However, in the interest of fairness to Obama I’m popping up a link to Dershowitz’s arguments on the Big O’s behalf: Obama Has Undeserved ‘Bad Rap’ on Israel.

Barry Rubin has some absolutely hilarious tips to Al Qaeda operatives on How to Kill Americans over on Pajamas Media. For instance, he tells them to forget that pickup truck idea for mowing down pedestrians as that would just kill average Americans. No, here’s one of his much better tips: “If these clueless terrorists knew anything about the United States they would understand that elite policy makers, decision makers, and opinion makers wouldn’t care about that. Instead, an SUV with an Obama bumper sticker would probably be far more effective at luring elite Americans into a state of complacency after which they can be run over with ease.” Go read the rest, it is truly amusing and sardonic.

Jawa clued me in to an even MORE updated report by Patrick Poole showing that Al Qaeda terrorists were still being vetted on Capitol Hill in April of 2010. Remember yesterday he did a full report on the 2nd terrorists invited to lead prayers on the Hill over at Pajamas Media? Well later in the day, he found even more recent evidence. See his updated report and video evidence over on Big Peace. One of our commenters noted that it is beginning to seem like the ending of Animal Farm (you know the story: animals revolt and get freed from their horrible and inhumane human masters, they adopt animal leaders who progressively become just as bad and the final scene show the animals watching the animal leaders playing cards with the humans and their faces have changed so much they look just like the humans and they can’t tell them apart). Yeah. Looks like things are going that way.

Michael Totten has another excellent piece up; On the Bleeding Edge of the West. Riveting as usual.

The U.S. government is set to announce Second Year of $1 Trillion-Plus Deficit. No further commentary needed on that one. Jeez.