Oh my chicken and stars, Jihad Watch has the scoop on Campbell’s soup in Canada now using only Halal meat products and Atlas Shrugs provides the info on what you can do about it if you aren’t happy to hear about the Hamas-backed Halal takeover of Campbells.

The Jawa Report tipped me off to yet another reason why civilian trials for terrorists are a REALLY STUPID idea, “Judge Bars Major Witness From Civilian Terrorism Trial” –Minutes before a major terrorism trial was about to begin, a federal judge barred prosecutors in Manhattan on Wednesday from using a key witness (the guy who sold the bomb materials to this terrorist) because they discovered the link while the witness was being held by the CIA. “The government had acknowledged it learned about the witness from the defendant, Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, while he was being interrogated while being held in a secret overseas jail. The ruling by Judge Lewis A. Kaplan would seem to be a setback for the Obama administration’s goal of trying former detainees in civilian courts because it would limit the kinds of evidence that prosecutors can introduce.”

Now how many times did the Obama administration assure us that getting key evidence and witnesses into such civilian trials would not be a problem? And how many times did critics say you are out of your banana tree if you believe that? Clearly the critics were right on this one.

Italy is in an uproar over the honour killing of a mother who was trying to defend her daughter from being killed because she didn’t want to accept an arranged marriage. From the Telegraph
A Pakistani woman has died in Italy after her husband beat her with a brick for opposing the arranged marriage of her daughter, triggering a wave of outrage among Italian politicians on Monday. The daughter, 20-year-old Nosheen Butt, was admitted to hospital with a cranial traumatism and a broken arm after her 19-year-old brother beat her with a stick in the courtyard of their building in Novi, near the north Italy city of Modena.

According to Modena prosecutors’ initial findings, the father Ahmad Khan Butt, a 53-year-old construction worker, threw his wife to the ground and beat her with a brick while the brother Umair attacked his sister.

Politician Isabella Bertolini in Italy’s main conservative party said that the deceased woman, Beghm Shnez, was a “martyr for freedom, a victim of obscurantism and Islamic fundamentalism”. She said that the father had been in Italy less that 10 years and was the owner of the local mosque.

Conservative lawmaker Souad Sbai of Moroccan origin said that such “intolerable barbarism” was the “result of failed integration” of the father and brother into Italian society.