Pajamas Media broke a major, mega, massive story: that of a high-level Department of Justice lawyer resigning and going public with the Obama-appointed folks at the DOJ dropping the case (after they’d already won it in court) against the New Black Panthers guys who were armed with weapons and intimidating white voters at the election polls back in the Presidential election. In fact, they physically prevented some people from entering to vote. Adams claims the DOJ lied under oath to the Commission of Civil Rights and that a mandate came down that no cases were to be prosecuted against cases of voter intimidation if the intimidators are black. Check out the lawyer’s arguments and statements as to what is occurring behind the scenes at the DOJ over at Pajamas here, and at Fox here and here.

The DoJ is claiming that Adams (the lawyer) is a conservative and lying for political reasons and trying to slime him. If you are a liberal and want to buy that line, before you do, listen to what Bartle Bull has to say on this case. Bartle Bull is a lifelong Democrat and one of the most famous Civil Rights lawyers in U.S. history, fighting to get the Civil Rights Act passed, one of the guys who actually crafted the voting rights act, working closely with Dr. Martin Luther King in the 60s. He was the editor for the left-wing Village Voice. He worked for John F. Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, and Jimmy Carter as their campaign managers. He also witnessed first hand the Black Panthers intimidating voters at the polling station and was one of the witnesses before the Civil Rights Commission (and shockingly he tells of having 7 of them come and sit directly behind him before he testified and when he went up to take the stand of them taking his picture as a means of trying to intimidate him as a witness during the proceedings!). Listen to what he has to say about this case and the actions of the Justice Department:

There is something very rotten and it ain’t in Denmark.