The screaming headline over at the leftist Huffington Post today is “Do as We Say and Not as We Do” as it reports that the Obama administration continues to pressure European countries like Germany, and the U.K. to “spend, borrow, spend,” while at the same time the Democrat-controlled U.S. Congress shelved the “jobs bill” as too costly.

Winds of Jihad (one of my daily must-check sources) breaks the news that supporters of the Jihad Flotilla to Gaza in Turkey hoisted and rallied around the Nazi flag: You can also read more about it here via the AFP.

In other news, a comedian in New Zealand has “apologized” for a virulently anti-Semitic comment. During his “comedy” routine in Auckland he said, “Would you roast an HIV person? You’d roast them because they’re expendable, like the Jews. Hitler had a right, you know.” He blames it on being intoxicated. Yeah, well, we know that intoxication brings down inhibitions and people tend to express deeply-held opinions they’d ordinarily keep hidden out of awareness that it isn’t “psst” PC to say aloud.

Captured terrorists planning to attack the FIFA World Cup seem to have some pretty nasty ties: The two suspects identified as Imran Mohammed and Chaudhary Parvez Ahmed were apprehended by security forces while they were trying to cross over into South Africa from Zimbabwe. During preliminary inquiry, the duo claimed they were Pakistani nationals.

Initial investigations indicated that they were travelling with fake passports. The fact that they were Pakistani nationals spread terror among Indian intelligence agencies. More so, because LeT is considered one of the main militant organisations operating under the Al Qaeda umbrella.” Based on intelligence, Mumbai is preparing to be hit again by terrorists.