When I went off to school in Ohio, one of my neighbours greeted me with “Welcome to Ohio, the Serial Killer Capitol of the World.” Ohio had the dubious distinction, she told me, of producing more serial killers than any other State– some were born there and some spent most of their childhoods there. After reading today about the newest serial killer, currently on the loose in Ohio, I got a bit more than curious as to just how many serial killers hailed from Ohio. What I’ve found so far is this:

Neal Bradley Long and Charles Manson were both born and raised in Ohio. Then there is Jeffrey Dahmer, Larry Ralston, Thomas Dillon, Michael Swango, Gary & Thaddeus Lewingdon, Alton Coleman & Debra Brown, Moreland Family Juvenile Baby Killer, Eric Elliott & Lewis Gilbert, and the Cleveland Torso Murderer (who has never been caught and probably never will be given that his crimes were committed so long ago that he likely dead already.) Terry Shepard is suspected of being a serial killer. Now there is Anthony Sowell who is wanted on assault and rape charges –when police went to his house to arrest him, they discovered 6 bodies in various stages of decomposition hidden in and around his house and yard.

Am I missing anyone? Are there other States that have produced so many?