This was one of them: an all-around good day. I got a lot more done than I expected and there is always that intense satisfaction with checking each thing off the list, especially when a couple of those things are things you’ve been avoiding and you finally get them out of your hair.

I am very much enjoying having light again in my kitchen. You might recall that about this time last year the light in the kitchen died and needed to be replaced. I bought the flourescent bulb to replace it but then had the problem of a) being too short, even with the ladder to get the bulb into the fixture and b) the socket thingies on the fixture needed to be made larger with a screw driver to fit the prongs of the replacement bulb because they don’t make bulbs with prongs the size of the very old fixture anymore. So for the last year my kitchen has been lighted by a desklamp –seriously inconvenient and, well, dark. But yesterday when the water heater fixer was here, I asked could he possibly also….YES. And there is light. I also have hot water but I don’t have water all over my floor. These are seriously good things in life.

I found out today that tomorrow the two little licorice strips are going to be bundled to the vet, neutered, and then be ready for Sue to take back with her. I get to finally meet Sue tomorrow too. All good things! Now if I can just find good homes for Flora, Flossy and Little Mouse! They have now moved into a “beyond too cute” stage. I mean, seriously, you simply can’t find something cuter than what these 3 are like now.

My apartment is filled with the smell of split pea and barley soup cooking. And in the middle of stirring it, I suddenly had an epiphany about what to do with one of the characters in the fiction book I’m writing after having been stuck on “what next?!” and “oh no, definitely not this next. What were you thinking, this sucks” with that particular character for something like 8 months. And knowing what to do with that character led into knowing what to do with two other major characters and a whole major plot line that was in “nowheresville” for a very very long time.

Yeah, a good day!