What do you do when militants set up operations in the midst of innocent civilians and striking at the militants would put those non-combatants in danger? The Israel Defense Forces has a policy of warning the civilians in the area before any attack by first calling the telephones of all residents in the to-be-targeted area and warning them to leave and following that up by dropping leaflets warning them to leave the area prior to an attack. But sometimes they just won’t go. And sometimes terrorist groups like Hamas and like Hezbollah won’t let them go to an area of safety but rather hold them hostage in an attempt to up the civilian death toll.

Enter the sound bomb. It makes a hell of a loud noise but does not cause damage. When it goes off, people leave the vicinity. They are now setting them off in areas where, despite warnings and pleas for civilians to leave, civilians are still remaining in the vicinity of a target. Once the sound bomb sends the civilians on their way, the actual strike on the target is made.