Ever have a craving for something you just can’t get? I’ve got a craving for something that can’t be shipped. It can’t be bought. It can’t be found here, there, or anywhere any longer (the place that sold it closed after the owner died). I’ve got a craving for the best damn pizza I’ve ever had in my life and it didn’t even have any tomato sauce. It was a “twice-baked potato pizza pie” sold at a little pizza place in Athens, Ohio.

It. Was. To. Die. For. Pizza.

I was extremely skeptical the first time I tried it and only did so when, pulling an all-nighter on some class project, a friend twisted my arm and threatened my life if that was not the pizza we ordered. One bite and I was an immediate convert.

It came with or without artichoke hearts on it (the bacon crumble addition was not an option for me, of course). We went the ‘chokeless’ route the first time because I could only handle one bizarre sounding combination at a go. I’m feeling weak-kneed with desire just at the memory of that first bite. It led, of course, to my trying out the artichoke addition on the many, many future twice baked potato pies I ordered. Devoured. Yeah, the artichokes (and I don’t even like artichokes) made the whole thing even better.

I was hoping to find a recipe at least somewhat similar to it online but alas none of them look even close. This weekend I’m going to have to start experimenting on my own. I’ve craved this pizza off and on for more than 10 years now. The current craving started last week after I dreamed I opened the door to a pizza delivery guy holding one but didn’t have the money to pay for it. I want that damn pizza!!!