Hello little idealists in the Occupy Wall Street Movement, how is it that you are so shocked (shocked, I tell you) that the Pro-Obama Democrat Party Machine is trying to “take over” your movement by co-opting you all into the 99% Spring? Did you never bother to look at who was funding, supporting, and organizing your little camping adventure last fall? And did you never wonder about the timing?

They are shocked, horrified that the Labour unions and Moveon.org (among others) are not only out shilling for the 99% Spring (theoretically inspired by OWS) but giving out Obama buttons and their “training 100,000″ is really all about getting Obamabots on the front lines for the 2012 election.

Yo, you purists and idealists in OWS, you are what we call Friers here: Naive and easily taken advantage of useful idiots.