This is very disturbing news. Consumers are buying Halal certified meat in Canada without knowing it, as it is not labeled as such. Approximately 40% of the meat produced by some of the major distributors is Halal certified. The bigger issue, however, is that the Muslim Association of Canada controls the certification process (and is paid from the sales proceeds for doing so). They have previously channeled money to a ‘charity’ whose sole purpose was shipping funds to Al Qaeda. After the government shut down that outfit, they sent, last year, $15 million to a ‘charity’ that sent the money directly on to Hamas. That outfit too has been shut down.

The Muslim Association of Canada has written in support of Hamas and they invited as a prominent speaker one of the radical guys that France has now banned from entering the country in light of the recent terrorist attack there. This speaker promotes child suicide bombers and says that the younger the ‘martyr’ is, the closer Allah is to his heart and inspires the community. They fund schools in Canada that have had their students write about the benefits of killing Jews.

In other words, money from average consumers and even the Canadian military is going to an organization with a long history of funneling that money to terrorists.

Check out Michael Coren talking with the guy who uncovered this:

You can also go and see the information they’ve gathered from official documents and sources on this here

Hat tip to Vlad!