Huge thank you to Islam vs. Europe and Vlad Tepes for this information and video. Berlin police are worried that an outbreak of Muslim violence may be forthcoming.

Here’s what happened last week. A large gang of Muslim men were engaged in what was escalating into an all-out brawl on a street in Berlin. Two German passerbys tried to intercede and calm things down. The brawlers forgot their quarrel and joined together to attack the two men, both in their 30s. The two men left the area but a large group of 20 Muslim men followed them home, stoning them and attacking them with sticks.

Once the men reach their homes and went inside, the crowd didn’t disperse and continued to lob rocks at the apartment building. So one of the men, Sven K., comes back out with a kitchen knife, telling them to clear off (while the other called police). The gang of men jumped him and he defended himself with the knife. An 18-year Muslim was stabbed in the melee and later died. The police rule the German man was acting in self-defense (and he had to be hospitalized from the skull fracture and broken bones he got when they attacked him).

Since then, Muslim youth (and not so youth) have been threatening revenge on the two men and Germans in general. Thousands flocked through the streets carrying the dead attacker’s body. (Literally thousands, filling a double-wide street to capacity and for blocks –notice the few women in attendance are all in burkas). The video of the funeral procession (see below) shows them shouting Allahu Akhbar. It looks like something straight out of Gaza. They plan to create a memorial statue to this ‘martyr.’

Meanwhile, German police have had to send the two real victims and their families into hiding.