YES! UCU boycott is ILLEGAL

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U. of Cal program–no Jews allowed

Thanks to Yid with a Lid for bringing this story to my attention:

A U.S. State Department-funded University of California program which provides business training for residents of the Middle East specifically excluded Israeli Jews – although Israeli Arabs were allowed into the program –until Jewish journalists protested.

The program in question is The Middle East Entrepreneur Training (MEET) program:

“The Middle East Entrepreneur Training (MEET) program is an innovative training program designed to identify, develop and sustain a new core of leaders in business and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.”

The guidelines for the program claimed that it More >

UN chooses IRAN to plan anti-racism conference


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250 UK academics slam the UCU boycott of Israeli universities

Taking out a full-page advertisement in the The Times, 250 prominent UK academics sign onto a statement condemning the boycott motion passed by the university lecturers’ union in the UK, saying that the boycott is “bad for Britain, bad for academic freedom, bad for Palestinians and bad for peace.”

The list of those signing the condemnation of the boycott include signatures of the heads of some of Britain’s leading scientific and learned research organizations.

In a statement, Baroness Ruth Deech, the independent adjudicator for British university students, said that she feared that the boycott would lead to a backlash against Jewish students More >

Boycott 2: British trade union to renew and increase boycott against Israel?

On Thursday, the British trade union for people delivering pubic service UNISON, which represents 1.6 million employees, decided to renew and increase the boycott it imposed on Israel in the years 2002-2006. The organization is mulling to cut off investments of British pension funds in Israeli companies, and initiating a consumers’ boycott of Israeli merchandise.

Our workers union will strike back in kind it seems if they do vote to go ahead with this: Chairman of Maman’s workers union Dudu Himmelfarb told Ynet that the company’s workers union decided that “if the British union decides to go ahead with the boycott, More >

Oh here’s a surprise, the boycott of Israeli universities is on

In order to preserve the genteel reputation I have striven so hard to create, I am not going to let loose any of the choice words that instantly come to mind (and to which my kitty company was treated) to reflect my opinion of the 158 U.K. “academics” who voted for boycotting Israeli (Jewish) academics and students. The boycott measure passed and now the official labor union (UCU) of British academe is boycotting us.

I’m not going to suggest that British jews take a look about the country they are living in and consider living elsewhere because they will make their More >

rats forgot the best part

Addendum to the previous post:

At the Brighton meeting, Professor Zvi Hacohen of Ben-Gurion University, a senior official in Israel’s lecturers’ union, presented two arguments against the boycott: “First, there is widespread cooperation between our universities and Palestinian and Jordanian universities; the proposed boycott will damage this cooperation. Additionally, you must understand that Israeli institutions and universities are not political organizations, and they have no influence over the policies of the government or the parties.”

But the British academics were not impressed. “My belief that we need to work for a boycott was only strengthened,” said one, Bob Brecher. “The very fact More >

New British boycott of Israeli universities

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the day is only half over

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