I am not typical. I am not your typical Aliyah candidate: I'm very secular, did not grow up in a zionist household, and have no family living in Israel. I'm not what people typically think of when they hear "Jewish": I have blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. I am not your typical American: I speak 2 1/2 languages, used to vote democratic (and I'm originally from the South!), and the last thing I want is a house in the suburbs. So what am I? In many ways, I'm a little bundle of contradictions. Stubborn yet not overly-opinionated (at least on most issues). Shy and reserved when I first meet someone but outgoing and bubbly once you get to know me. Practical but also fun-loving and spontaneous (in a practical kind of way, lol). I believe that I am a kind and caring person (hey, don't we all?). I am passionate about life and fiercely protective of those I love. And I'm crazy about my 3 5 6 cats. And the 40 or so I care for on the street.

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Palestinian terrorists fail at 4 kidnapping attempts, including that of infant

Nine Palestinians from the Ramallah area have been charged with attempting to kidnap Israelis. The Shin Bet internal security service said in a statement that in mid-March the Palestinians tried to kidnap a mother and her baby daughter near the West Bank settlement of Beit El.

On March 15, shortly after midnight, they attacked an Israeli woman who was travelling with her baby daughter from Givat Assaf to Beit El. The terrorists blocked the woman’s car and shattered its windshield with blunt objects, but they fled the scene when another Israeli vehicle approached.

Three days prior to that incident the terrorists More >

Bibi: Jerusalem will not be divided

I’ve really changed my views on this over the last few years. Now, I’m like “Rock on Bibi.”

“Israel without Jerusalem is like a body with a weak heart. Never again will our heart be divided.

“A nation willing to sacrifice its heart would convince its enemies it has no desire to fight for anything. Jewish history has changed forever: the divided city has been united and will stay that way.”

He is utterly correct when he states that “If we place this quadrate of the Temple Mount in the hands of others, I doubt we will be able to avoid a religious More >

very sick little Tzeekadah

I noticed it yesterday and could shoot myself for not having noticed anything seriously wrong earlier. Tzeekadah is a hidey-cat, meaning not one who demands a lot of attention and as a result often doesn’t get much, being pushed aside by the more aggressive attention-seekers. Depending on the household dynamics, she can be up next to me often getting wanted attention (always when I am laying down and so usually right before I fall asleep) or hiding away for days at a time. Lately the “little girls” (the 3 baby sisters) have been being quite aggressive toward one another and More >

only in Israel (and not in a good way) –hurting our Olympic chances

This is just nuts. It is no wonder we have had such a poor showing historically with our Olympic gymnastics record: We bar our qualified gymnasts from competing in the first place!

We have only 3 gymnasts that have qualified for the summer Olympics (our male and female teams did not qualify). Two of them may not go because of a bizarre extra rule that our country and only our country has. Reaching the FIG requirements that every other country in the world uses is not enough. No, we require that, in addition to meeting the qualifying bar of ALL the other countries More >

You knew this was coming–Catholic schools start dropping health insurance. Period.

One of our commenters here (Sir John? Mac? Tiger?) said something when the contraception brouhaha started along the lines of “Just watch. It is only a matter of time before faith-based schools simply drop student insurance altogether to get around having to comply with something that violates their faith.” Well that is, indeed, what has started to happen.

The first Catholic college to drop student health insurance coverage has emerged and you can bet more will follow. In getting rid of the health insurance and telling students they will be on their in terms of covering healthcare costs, the school cited More >

Get ready to be Spellbound!

Ok, if you live in the U.K. you’ve seen these guys (and you might not yet have gotten your jaw off the floor). This is the gymnastics group doing acro. Now, you may have been wowed by Cirque du Soleil before but baby that has nothing on these kids. For one thing, these kids don’t wear any sorts of safety harness and they are doing the acro on a stage without mats. And what they do is almost beyond belief. I’m a former gymnast and I am simply blown away. Watch and believe me you will enjoy. Open to view:

Thought More >

I love my new bank account manager

My new bank account manager is awesome. She is sweet, smart, and kind. She got my account utterly sorted and talked me into starting to put 100 sheks a month into a special savings account –if you don’t touch it for 6 months it earns more than twice the interest of the regular savings and if you leave it in for a year without touching it the rate is four times higher.

I told her I was worried about this summer when I have to pay the huge whack of moolah to the landlord (the year’s rent in advance). I More >

California and Greece in the same boat

For those who think that upping taxes on “big business” and the 1%ers is the answer (and I used to think that myself), take a look out how the California model is working out. California has the highest taxes on businesses in the country and that has resulted in…businesses fleeing the state. Texas, which, in contrast, has no state tax, has become rich in high tech companies that abandoned California for greener economic pastures. The unemployment rate in California is a whopping 11% because the unfavourable business climate sent those jobs packing.

The wealthy and middle-income residents are also fleeing California More >

4 Palestinians arrested in horrific rape of Tel Aviv high school couple

It was clear even before the media started reporting that police were afraid the rapist (and accomplices) had fled to the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) that the attackers were Palestinian simply because the media did that politically correct thing of not giving a description of him. That is the big tip off.

The rape occurred when the school girl and her 17-year-old boyfriend entered the Gan Ha-Ir parking lot, where their car was parked, on Friday night. The attacker ambushed the two and threatened them with a knife, forcing them into a nearby public bathroom, where he forced them to More >

Govt elder abuse in Austin Texas

Right folks, I’m just damned pissed to hear this. We are talking about my hometown. We are talking about a 72 year old decorated war veteran. He moved into a house that had a bomb shelter beneath it from the 1950s that had long doubled as a basement. A number of years ago he closed off the original entrance to the bomb shelter (that he also used as a basement) because he wanted to add central air and heating and the stairwell down to it was the only place he could cost-efficiently set up the infrastructure for it.

He saved More >